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구형 3자유도 병렬메커니즘의 기구학 해석 및 구현
Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering
Vol. 22, No. 11
pp. 72-81
이석희, 김희국, 오세민, 소병록, 이병주
구형 3자유도 병렬 메커니즘의 기구학 해석 및 구현.pdf (3.0M) 0회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-10-16 22:13:40
Abstract: A new spherical-type 3-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism consisting of a two degree-of-freedom parallel module and a serial module is proposed. Two alternative designs for the serial sub-chain are suggested and compared. The first design employs RU joint arrangement for the serial sub chain structure. The second design incorporates a gear chain to drive the distal revolute joint of the serial sub-chain from the base platform of the mechanism. This modification significantly improves kinematic characteristics of the mechanism within its workspace. Firstly, the closed-form solutions of both the forward and the reverse position analysis are derived. Secondly, the first-order kinematic model with respect to three inputs which are located at the base is derived. Thirdly, it is confirmed through simulation that the modified mechanism has much more improved isotropic characteristic throughout the workspace of the mechanism. Lastly, the proposed mechanism is implemented to verify the results from this analysis.