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Automatically Rotating PDP TV Using Multiple Sensor Information
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J.-T Seo, S. C. Park, S. Lee, and B.-J. Yi
Automatically Rotating PDP TV Using Multiple Sensor Information.pdf (1.5M) 0회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-10-19 22:25:32
Abstract: Most display units such as advertizing panels and mannequins in Exhibition halls or Big Shopping Malls are static. This study proposes the concept of active display system. An automatically rotating TV is chosen as an example device. The active display system detects the presence and location of customers and provides a clear screen view for customers. Initially, three passive infrared (PIR) sensors are used to detect the position of customers. Next, to cope with shortcoming of PIR sensor, a sensor fusion method combining three PIR sensors and an ultrasonic sensor is proposed. The performance of the proposed algorithms has been verified through experiment of a PDP panel TV. Finally, a sensor network is employed to control multiple PDP TVs simultaneously by sharing information between display units.