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International Conference
Design and Implementation of a Two-Limbed 3T1R Haptic Device
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
L. Kang, Y. Yang, and B.-J. Yi
2023. 10. 02
Design_and_Implementation_of_a_Two-Limbed_3T1R_Haptic_Device.pdf (2.1M) 0회 다운로드 DATE : 2024-01-05 17:30:22
This paper presents a haptic device with a simple architecture of only two limbs that can provide translational motion in three degrees of freedom (DOF) and one-DOF rotational motion. Actuation redundancy eliminates all forward-kinematic singularities and improves the motion-force transmission property.
Thanks to the special structure of the kinematic chains, all actuators are close to the base and full gravity compensation is achieved passively by using springs. Force producibility analysis shows that this haptic device is able to produce long-term continuous force feedback of 15–30 N in each direction. By developing a prototype of the haptic device and a virtual three-dimensional simulator, a preliminary performance evaluation of the haptic device was conducted. In addition, a torque distribution algorithm considering a relaxed form of actuator-torque saturation was experimentally evaluated, and a comparison with other algorithms reveals that this algorithm offers several advantages.