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International Conference
In Vivo Experiment for Vascular Intervention Robot to Reduce of Radiation Exposure
Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery 2020 (ACCAS2020)
H.-S. Song, J. Woo, H.-J. Cha, J. Y. Won, and B.-J. Yi
In Vivo Experiment for Vascular Intervention Robot_print.ver.pdf (137.4K) 6회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-12-06 15:18:20
Abstract: Conventional vascular intervention (VI) procedures has been performed under radiation exposure by Xray.
As occupational exposures are accumulated, it leads to side effects to the operator. We proposed VI robot system to
overcome reduction of occupational exposure. In this study, we compare the radiation exposure between conventional VI procedure and robotic VI procedure. Also, this research presents the system usability of the robotic VI system. In vivo
experiments are performed to compare the radiation exposure of operators in robotic VI system and conventional VI. 10
operators participated in the experiment. We found that our proposed robotic VI system has advantage in terms of reducing occupational exposure. Also, robotic VI system has “acceptable” in the acceptability range of SUS score.