Hanyang University HumanRobotics Lab

International Journal
Development of a New Neurosurgical 5-DOF Parallel Robot for Stereotactic DBS Operations
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing
Vol. 18, No. 3
pp. 333-343
S. M. Kim, B.-J. Yi, J.-H. Chung, J. Cheong, and W. Kim
Kim2017_Article_DevelopmentOfANewNeurosurgical.pdf (1,008.9K) 1회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-10-18 17:15:29
Abstract: In this study, a new 5-degree of freedom parallel-type robot for neurosurgery is developed and investigated for potential application in deep brain surgery (DBS). The neurosurgical robot consists of the base plate, the moving plate, and three limbs (a PPPU type central limb and two SPS type side limbs) connecting the plates. With an intension to use the developed neurosurgical micro robot with a macro scale robot, the position and kinematic analyses of the macro–micro robot are conducted. A structural analysis under the maximum payload condition is also conducted to confirm its structural rigidity. Then, a macro–micro robot simulator that employs the prototype as a micro robot module is developed to test both its motion capability and its potential application as a stereotactic DBS device. Finally, the absolute position accuracy measurement of the developed micro robot module based on its identified kinematic calibration model verified that its accuracy is comparable to those of existing micro robot module candidates.