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International Journal
Multi-group localization problem of service robots based on hybrid external localization algorithm with application to shopping mall environment
Intelligent Service Robotics
Vol. 9, No. 3
pp. 257-275
S. Gai, E.-J. Jung, and B.-J. Yi
Gai2016_Article_Multi-groupLocalizationProblem.pdf (4.2M) 0회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-10-18 17:04:44
Abstract: Intellectualization of life is a general tendency due to the proliferation of technology and science. Based on this concept, this paper presents multi-group localization algorithms and detection algorithms for multi-group service robot system (MGSR). Shopping cart problem is considered as an exemplary multi-group service robot system. The MGSR is designed to provide users with co-service by multiple carts and allows multiple users operation simultaneously. In MGSR, a cart carrying personal belongings of the user follows the user automatically and provides real-time position information to the user. To fulfill estimating the location of MGSR, hybrid external localization algorithm based on combination of QR location information and ZigBee location estimate is proposed. To detect and track a cart by another cart with LRF, we define cart features in LRF data and employ a support vector data description method. Recognition of user–cart groups in MGSR is realized by ZigBee blind nodes on the cart. We verified the feasibility of the proposed algorithms for MGSR through three experiment trials.