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International Journal
Disturbance Observer-Based Robust Control for Underwater Robotic Systems with Passive Joints
Advanced Robotics
Vol. 15, No. 5
pp. 575-588
G. B. Chung,K. S. Eom,B.-J. Yi,I. H. Suh,S.-R. Oh,W. K. Chung, and J. O. Kim
Disturbance Observer-Based Robust Control for Underwater Robotic Systems with Passive Joints.pdf (419.7K) 2회 다운로드 DATE : 2020-10-19 10:07:41
Abstract: Underwater exploration requires mobility and manipulation. Underwater robotic vehicles (URV) have been employed for mobility, and robot manipulators attached to the underwater vehicle (i.e. rover) perform the manipulation. Usually, the manipulation mode takes place when the rover is stationary. The URV is then modeled as a passive joint and joints of the manipulator are modeled as active joints. URV motions are determined by inherent dynamic couplings between active and passive joints. Furthermore, the control problem becomes complex since there are many hydrodynamic terms as well as intrinsic model uncertainties to be considered. Tocope with these difficulties, we propose a disturbance observer-based robust control algorithm for underwater manipulators with passive joints. The proposed control algorithm is able to treat an underactuated system as a pseudo-active system in which passive joints are eliminated. Also, to realize a robust control method, a non-linear feedback disturbance observer is applied to each active joint. A four-jointed underwater robotic system with one passive joint is considered as an illustrative example. Through simulation, it is shown that the proposed control algorithm has good position tracking performance even in the presence of several external disturbances and model uncertainties.